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Millennium Healthcare is a cutting edge facility for alternative and holistic healthcare. Our concept is based on traditional medicine and alternative medicine working hand-in-hand to provide patients with an integrative model of care.

Millennium Healthcare offers what no other alternative health facility in this country offers. We are a center of excellence for interdisciplinary complementary healthcare.

The physicians and practitioners provide an integrative model of care that blends Western, Eastern and the emerging medical treatments from science. We guarantee
a combined, focused, intelligent approach.

Millennium Healthcare strives for the best doctor-patient relationship and guarantees personal attention in each of our centers. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and compassionate integrative care in a tranquil, healing environment.

Educating patients about their condition and how to take personal responsibility to create optimal health is paramount. We use our collective abilities to advance the understanding and development of healing techniques. We make sure you get the best of all alternatives so that you see results and the resolution of your problem.

Millennium Healthcare
4370 Georgetown Square
Atlanta, GA 30338
Phone: 770-390-0012
Fax: 770-457-4428

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